A little bit about us

Restoring Identity and Destiny

Our mission is to help women who are trapped in cycles of addiction and abuse find their true identity by focusing on their relationship with the Lord.

We want to see women grow spiritually and walk in their destinies when they experience restored meaning, significance, and love

Making History

In His Hands is founded by April O’Neal. At the young age of 12 I found myself drug addicted and sexually active because of the abuse that I suffered as a child.  I continued to live an empty life searching for acceptance and love for 18 years. In 2009 I accepted the invitation of True Love… Jesus Christ!

Healthy relationships were an important part of my healing process.  For the first time, ever I experienced what a true family was. Family walks with you through the troubles of life and accepts you with all your flaws, but family also sees what you can be because they see you through God’s eyes and encourage you on your journey.  It was in these relationships that I learned how to trust and love again.

My heart has a heavy burden for women who struggle with the same issues that I have been redeemed from. In His Hands, will provide a place for women where they can focus on their relationship with the Lord in a Family atmosphere. A place where they will be encouraged on their journey and always be pointed to the one who is the Redeemer.  When women are embraced, and encouraged the Lord will restore their true identity and they will walk in their destiny.

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1. Our Discipleship House

Our first discipleship house is located at 925 Sycamore in Joplin. We are currently in search of a House Mother for this residence. If you would like to help, we are open to partner with like-hearts.

2. Building Our Team

We are building a community of support – champions of purpose. If you have a heart to see women’s lives restored, we would love to talk.

3. Fanning the Flame

Your contributions help restore lives – lives that are essential to making a difference in our community. There have been labels placed on women who have been trapped in addiction and abuse. We are here to rip those labels off! We believe their lives are meaningful and necessary to carry out the will of God on the earth.

The Program

In His Hands is a faith based discipleship recovery house for women. The program is approximately 8-12 months long.  The program is to teach teach women how to live a Godly life style, have healthy relationships and how to build a relationship with God. Women will learn their identity and destiny as they build their relationship with God. This program is for women who have life issues such as addictions and abuse that keep them from moving forward in life.

The house will hold up to a total of 5 women. The house is not peer ran, meaning staff remains with the women during the day, and in the evening and weekends. There are two live in House Mothers oversee the activates of the house when the Director is away.  The women are expected to attend the in house bible studies that are held daily and to attend the scheduled activities in the evening. Also the women are expected to attend weekly appointments to discuss their thoughts, behaviors and goals. This gives the women the one on one time that is needed. The program has 4 levels.

  • Level one is 4 – 6 weeks long. During this time the women are in need of rescue!! During this time period they have very little communication with the outside world. They are allowed 1 phone call a day with immediate approved family. At this time no visits or mail are allowed. This helps the women to not be distracted and to refocus their minds and hearts.

  • Rehabilitation – Level two is 10-12 weeks long. On this level women, can use the house phone during their free time and can see approved family members. The women are assigned a mentor on this level as well.

  • Re-introduce life at approximately 4 months. – Level three is 10-12 weeks long. On this level women are beginning to become stable. On this level the women begin to look for employment and they are taught how to budget their money. On this level the women may have their children for overnight visit on the weekends. Also they are allowed to leave the house with another woman in the program. Women who are employed will pay a program fee and a portion of this program fee will be held for them to use when they graduate to help with moving them into their own home.

  • Restored – On this level woman are very stable! Communication skills have developed and they are beginning to be comfortable in the outside world. They have been employed for at least three months and are keeping to a budget. They have developed healthy relationships in the community. After completing this level 4 the women graduate! We will use the held funds from their employment to help them move into their own place.

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We welcome your feedback, suggestions and interest in our program.